Managing Volunteers: Four Tips to Keep Volunteers Coming Back

If your organization works with volunteers, you know how essential they are to your success. It’s not just the day-to-day impact that volunteers have, it’s also their ability to be advocates and connectors between you and the communities you serve. Whether you manage volunteers or you work with them indirectly, it’s vital that they know they are appreciated and feel that their time truly makes a difference.

Unfortunately, if a volunteer feels their time isn’t managed well or actually needed, they are much less likely to return to volunteer with your organization. The good news is, you can keep them feeling fulfilled and coming back to serve by ensuring projects and events are as organized as possible….



8 Strategies for Creating a More Inclusive Volunteer Program Category:


By Lisa Joyslin, Inclusive Volunteerism Program Manager, Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration

Do volunteers at your organization represent the racial and ethnic diversity of the community you serve?

The answer, for most governments and nonprofit organizations, is “no.”

But this can change…..

Volunteer Management 101: 5 Keys to Total Volunteer Success

Volunteers are the driving force behind many nonprofits. Think about it: these amazing individuals dedicate their time and talents to your cause in a myriad of ways, from helping you pull off your fundraising event to serving others in their community on your behalf.

So, how do you show volunteers that they made the right choice by becoming a part of your organization? By providing a positive volunteer experience, for starters!…