Take Root: Volunteer Management

Dear Colleagues,
As a training and technical assistance provider for grantees of the Corporation for
National and Community Service, Hands On Network is delighted to share with you this
guidebook on Volunteer Management.
Hands On Network has developed a new generation of volunteer engagement
techniques-tailored to today’s community service organization. These techniques make
the Hands On Network training curriculum dynamic, innovative, impact oriented, and
easily applicable to your program.
This guidebook was developed to help national service programs explore the basics of
volunteer management. It is meant to be a user-friendly resource for developing volunteer
recruitment, retention, and recognition strategies and methods of offering projects for
diverse audiences. This guide does not prescribe how your programs should be structured;
it does, however, provide resources you can adapt to meet your local program needs.
The goal of this guidebook is to provide information that will help your program take
root, leverage volunteers, and grow. To that end, the guidebook contains action-oriented
sections to help you recruit, schedule, retain, and recognize volunteers. In addition, each
chapter includes an activities and templates section with tools to assist you in applying
the guidebook content to your program.
If you are interested in further training or technical assistance, please contact us at training@
handsonnetwork.org. You can also access free eLearning courses and other valuable
resources in the CNCS Resource Center at http://www.nationalserviceresources.org.
In Service,
Delores Druilhet Morton
Director, Training and Leadership Development