The 27 Best Practices of High Performing Volunteer Organizations

The 27 Best Practices of High Performing Volunteer Organizations

Unless you’ve been in a coma your entire life, chances are good that you’ve had the experience of being a volunteer of some kind for a worthy non-profit organization — local, national, or international.

That’s the good news.

The not-so-good news is that many volunteer organizations, in various unconscious ways, sabotage the value their volunteers bring to the table.

Whether it’s bad management, poor communication, or the inability to acknowledge people for their efforts, things get funky.

The result? Volunteers back off, quit, or find themselves spending inordinate amounts time grumbling to the other volunteers about how weird the organization is.

I’ve recently done some informal research on the subject and have identified 27 best practices that high performing volunteer organizations abide by.

Take a peek below. Then, volunteer to share the list with the leaders of whatever volunteer organization you would like to see succeed at a higher level.

Sometimes all it takes is for one person, with vision, mojo, and frustration, to speak up. Like you, for example…..

4 Volunteer Management Best Practices of 2018

4 Volunteer Management Best Practices of 2018

Effective volunteer management is evolving! Is your nonprofit ready?

Volunteer management best practices have changed as volunteer expectations and the reach of nonprofit organizations evolve. That said, the ultimate goal has always been, and will always be, to provide great experiences to volunteers and impact the community in an organized and efficient way. Organizations that have successful leverage trends, utilize technology and adjust to changes have the best chance of recruiting volunteers, retaining them, making a bigger impact and positively touching the bottom line. In today’s post, we will discuss five volunteer management best practices that are important in 2018. We will also discuss how to measure ROI of your volunteer management strategy

Let’s start with the most basic best practice first!

Volunteer Management 101

Volunteer Management 101

Volunteers are essential to a nonprofit, especially in its beginning stages. These people assist you in everything from setting up for events to promoting you on social media to canvassing door-to-door. Let’s be real: your organization probably needs volunteers.

No matter what stage of the volunteer management process you’re in, we’re here to help answer some of the questions you may have. Below you’ll find your how-to instructions on how to recruit and retain volunteers and all the ins and outs that come with it.

Be sure to go through our assessment after the video so you can take what you’ve learned and apply it to your nonprofit. And check out our list of resources at the end of the course so you can take this knowledge with you wherever you go.