8 Strategies For Creating A More Inclusive Volunteer Program

Many organizations struggle to engage volunteers who reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the communities they serve. In response to this issue, the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) recently embarked on a research study which resulted in a set of eight strategies for creating a more inclusive volunteer program within nonprofit and government organizations. These strategies serve as a starting point for volunteer engagement leaders seeking concrete next steps for better engaging volunteers from diverse and immigrant communities.


Across the globe, volunteers are a powerful force for good, changing the world by giving their time, talent and other resources. Guiding these individuals are volunteer managers who help volunteers thrive by channeling their passions and skills.

The Volunteer Engagement track at the Conference on Volunteering and Service offered 20 sessions to equip organizations with breakthrough tools and strategies for recruiting, retaining and managing high-impact volunteer programs. In recognition that the nonprofit landscape continues to evolve, the track focused on the question of how organizations can capitalize on the passion and enthusiasm of volunteers, some who have never before added their voice to a cause. The sessions placed special emphasis on innovation and idea exchange with peers who manage multi-issue programs.

Across the sessions, five trends emerged: Click Below

Top ten tips for volunteer management and retention

Any volunteer can become a great volunteer, but sometimes you just won’t know how wonderful they truly are until after they are involved with your charity or nonprofit. In my experience, attracting volunteers is relatively easy but learning to retain them has been a steeper learning curve for me. I have worked with some fabulous volunteers, but lost some excellent ones as well. Sometimes we learn things the hard way.

Based on my own experience, and from listening to the wisdom of my colleagues, I have compiled my top ten tips for volunteer management and retention, to help you avoid some of the pitfalls of managing your own team of volunteers.